Solar energy is the only answer For global warming, Solarzzy

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The world is on path for deadly climate change, having practically lost room for more pollution in the mix of gases that compose the air. Although a rise in renewable, clean energy supplies in few nations, and a limited change from coal to natural gas in others, global greenhouse gas pollution extend to rise—and at an rapid pace in the most recent years.  Countries globally have to make large-scale change in energy production, soon, if they are to confine global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius. Global warming is an energy issue. Flaming fossil fuels to generate electricity power or heat is liable for practically half of climate change pollution. The world radiate some 49 billion metric tons of gases, thanks most to expanded coal burning in nations such as China & India. The number has go on to boost in late years. In fact, human society added half of the Climate Change pollution that is in the air in just the last 40 years.

Solar energy has the capability to cut harmful gases and contribute increased energy productivity. At present, between 80 percent of our energy comes from burning of fossil fuels. It often generates air pollution that is destructive to human health and greenhouse gases that intimidate the global environment. In comparison, solar energy is extensively accessible and has a favorable effect on the atmosphere and climate, making it a tempting alternative energy source because it is both a renewable and clean source of energy. These benefits along with the hope that finally countries can use solar energy to reduced global warming assure its popularity. Solar energy is a perfect renewable energy. All areas of the world have the capability to save some amount of solar energy and solar energy is accessible for collection every day. Solar power is non-polluting. It does not generate greenhouse gases, such as oil & coal based energy does. Residential  & commercial solar energy systems also have very limited impact on the surrounding atmosphere, in comparison with other renewable & clean energy sources such as wind and hydro electric power. Solar panels have no moving parts and require very low maintenance beyond formal cleaning. After the initial amount of installing the solar panels, maintenance and repair costs are very cheap


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