Cisco is the latest tech organization to invest in clean energy. Solarzzy


Tech giant Cisco Systems agreed to purchase energy from a solar company NRG Energy. The move is the latest by a tech organization to embrace in renewable energy as tech company eye to green their image, challenge to retain young eco-friendly employees and reduce carbon footprint of their energy use.

The solar park will be constructed in Blythe, Calif., nearby the Arizona outskirt, on 153 acres of area, it will be finished by the end of 2016, it will give Cisco with 20 MW of solar power, enough to power 14,000 average American household.

NRG Energy’s branch, NRG Renew, will construct and operate the solar park. Cisco will purchased the power from the solar park for twenty years at a fixed price. The scheme is expected to engage 200 employees in the development phase.

The project will commit to Cisco’s goal to get a quarter of its power from renewable energy by 2017. Cisco joins other tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook that have committed to purchased clean energy. Prior this month Amazon announced plans to purchased power from a solar park to be built in Virginia. Apple plans to invest $850 million buying solar energy over 25 years from a solar park in California. Google has spent almost to $2 billion into wind and solar parks, majorly in the U.S.

Part of this trend is due to the lowering price of clean energy. In certain areas, power from wind parks and solar parks is as cheap as energy from coal. The cost of solar panels and large wind turbines has decreased in recent years. Get into a several decade commitment to purchased renewable energy at a low fixed price could indeed save firms money in the long run — especially if grid power cost rise, or are inconsistent, over that time period.

The change is also about image. Many of the tech firms have headquarters in CA (California) and are looking to engage and hold workers partly through environmental and humanitarian causes. Challenge to hold young employees are especially intense in Silicon Valley. Customers facing tech firms such as Google and Apple are also trying to manage an eco-friendly image to their consumers despite running power-hungry data servers.

The renewable energy plans are also about reduce risk. Many tech firms are investing in renewable energy as a way to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Later on down the track, biomass gas emissions could become a accountability, if an extra cost was enforce on pollution through a pollution tax or other policy.

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