Apple signs $850 million agreement with First Solar to build a Solar Park that will Power it’s Headquarters & Outlets, Solarzzy


Apple CEO Tim Cook told at the Goldman Sach’s Technology and Internet conference that the organization is very focused on taking environmentally important decisions. Cook told Apple is spending $850 million to build a solar park on 1,300-acre in Monterey, California. The energy generated there will be used, at least in part, to power Apple’s headquarters & outlets.

Apple is collaborating with First Solar to build the solar park. That’s the same organization that Apple purchased a grand factory site from in Arizona, an area that will also reportedly be used for building of a solar powered server center. The Plan is expected to add 130 MW of new solar energy to California, sufficient to power about 50,000 average households. It will cover all the company’s power usage in the state, along with Apple Campus 2, other California offices, the server center in Newark, California, and the 52 Apple outlets in California.

First Solar told the 25-year agreement is the “largest agreement in the industry to provide renewable energy to a end user.” The organization also told that Apple’s investment will reward the entire state down the track. “Apple is leading from the front in addressing global warming issue by setting up examples how large organizations can operate their day to day work with 100 percent clean energy,” said Joe Kishkill, Chief Commercial Officer for First Solar. “Apple’s commitment was helpful in making this plan possible and will increase the supply of solar energy in California.”

Apple isn’t spending in solar as a gift to humanity. It’s doing it because it’s a profitable deal, Cook repeated at the Goldman Sachs conference. “We expect to have very significant savings,” he said. As if to highlight that fact, within minutes of disclosing the solar energy deal, Apple’s stock ended with a record valuation of $711 billion, first U.S. firm to cross the $700 billion mark. Shares of both Apple and First Solar climb.

Greenpeace acknowledge positively to the news. Apple still has worked to do to reduced its carbon footprint, but other Fortune 500 CEOs would be well served to make a study of Tim Cook, whose actions show that he plans to take Apple full-fledge ahead toward clean energy with the seriousness that our climate change demands.

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